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Regalia Jumbo Gift Box

Regalia Jumbo Gift Box


This jumbo hamper gift box replaces the traditional hamper baskets. #gogreendeepavali. Less single use plastic. This box comes with 8 variants of sweets and savouries (approximately 7-8 kg including the box)

Type of sweets included:


  1. Murukku [ 35 pcs]
  2. Rose murukku [40 pcs]
  3. Ribbon murukku [600g to 750g]
  4. Ladoos [12 pcs]
  5. Coconut candy [350g]
  6. Spicy murukku mixture [700g]
  7. Athirasam [15 pcs]
  8. Palkova [300g]
  9. Sparkling juice